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Trusting your Angels & Guides

Many times I'm asked 'how do I connect with my Guides or Angels, I try to but I don't think I'm doing it right?' Firstly, you need two things TRUST & PATIENCE If you don't have trust, then forget it, you'll just be running around in proverbial circles. And if you don't trust these of all things then, who can you trust? Connecting is already there, you must TRUST that! Because from the time you were a baby they stood by your side and often had got you out of a messy situation, no matter how unruly your upbringing is or was, your Guides and Angels love you and are non-judgmental of you. Often they are trying to give you signs of how to get on the straight and narrow, but as human nature has it, we all were given Free Will to do what we wanted. Why? Because as time would have a little thing called 'Ego' and yes, it's a dirty word! Ego often stops a person leaving an abusive relationship even though so many signs will be shown to the person, it's them that choose it to remain surreptitious.

Sometimes you might get out of one situation only to end up in something even worse, why? Because you have not yet acknowledged that you had been forewarned and made a definite clear and concise decision to never allow yourself to get roped into something like that again.. only you once again ignored the clear signs, or allowed small things to go by you with ignorance using the excuse 'well, everyone makes mistakes, nobody's perfect'. That is the biggest cop-out in history and we are all guilty of it. For example: Often we will allow children to get away with talking back to us, or disrespecting their belongings or even us, yet funnily enough expect that same child to show respect to a total stranger and their belongings.. This in itself is the right type of fuel required to set in motion a cocktail of catastrophe's for when they're older. We all need to be accountable for our own actions. If we don't respect ourselves how do we expect others to respect us and so forth. Fact is the only thing perfect is our design, it is how it is meant to be for us. However our attitudes and actions are not a product of the way we are born but the way we are raised. For example: If a parent always ignores bad behavior in a child, that child will end up being an adult who won't take or accept if they ever are in the wrong, they simply will blame someone else because they were raised to believe they could never do any wrong. So, what has all this got to do with trusting our Angels and Guides? More than you realise! Know that unlike a parent who may give in to a child who turns on the cuteness to get something, it won't work for your Angels and Guides, they are like the parents that will not give you anything you want but only what you need. If you've been asking for intervention and you don't feel anything changing be sure to do this checklist. 1. Are you looking for something to materialise or manifest? 2. Are you too anxious? 3. Are you trusting without doubt they will intervene? The only one from the 3 above you should have answered yes to was the last one. My way of using an example of how to trust your Angels and Guides to help is visualising that whatever you are going through, be it a bad relationship, an illness, an exam, a passage etcetera is placed inside a box and pushed toward beautiful beings standing before you, visualise they are all illuminate and yet you cannot see their faces.

Ask these beings of light 'I hand this over to you to provide for me what you know is right for my highest good' then thank them by bowing and then turn graciously and leave it in their hands all the while sending thanks and going about your day with the knowledge that they have your back. The next step is TRUST don't look back, know they are dealing with this situation, person, or problem. Angels and Guides will never create a bad situation, they only work for your highest good. For this you will also require patience so breath in and relax yourself by counting backwards from 10, 9, 8, 7 etc..

Do not feel tempted to ask 'how long will this take' if you trust them completely the situation won't take long at all, you will often find by your impatience you create the delays... so think of it like this scenario.. You hand the box to them then walk away only to come running back checking on the box and the contents to see if anything has changed. You become the impatient customer who wants instant gratification and sometimes we are meant to wait in order to see just how patient we truly are.

If you don't get things your way or the way you want, don't be angry with the Guides or Angels, they have worked for your highest good and acted accordingly. But never pre-empt what they will do otherwise you are still trying to fix the issue. It's like racing back and trying to instruct them on how you want it to turn out. TRUST AND HAVE PATIENCE in the end you will realise that their ways were perhaps better than you could ever had done! So if you're looking or expecting a physical manifestation, forget it, they may prefer never to show themselves, once again this may be due to the trust and patience you have in them. If you are too anxious once more this may result in you taking back control and trying to handle it yourself thereby making all the same mistakes or further creating a pile of misery in your path. If it's one thing you will come to realise, you are never dealt anything God the Angels and Guides don't feel you can't handle, it's always to show you how strong you are or weak you are, or sometimes you may just need that wake up call. So if you're wondering if you have any Angels or Guides, absolutely! Who do you think led you to read this? ;)

~ Karen

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