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Menacing spirits otherwise who I refer to as 'A*Hole Spirits'

Updated: Mar 3

Lets first look at the Narcissist individual,

They have literally no conscious, no boundaries, then combine this with a big ego is simply a recipe for a walking time bomb. They are manipulative, sarcastic, often racist, and seek pleasure in seeing suffering, they often feed this by watching videos on torture which feeds that channel within, they feel that the only way to live is to fight or control another.

Many of the spirits often referred to as demons are merely these souls of what once were Narcissist's that chose to remain in this realm be it for fear of what lies ahead (for often after death those without conscious often develop one) or losing that control they had over people in this life. In short they are just very angry little souls.

And nothing gives them more satisfaction than seeing they can still control and break the spirit of another, and what better challenge then being spirit and being able to manipulate another spirit that still remains in a living body form.

Given Anger is an energy and let me explain this theory by first examining happiness.

We've all seen how someone's laugh can effectively cause another to suddenly laugh, this is the chain reaction of energy at work and this goes on everyday and we've all been effected in some way by it.

Well, anger is also energy that can fuel another however, the difference is unlike happy energy that can last longer with more positive effects by remaining with many at once the anger energy is often unable to multitask as such and once it has a host suddenly the one that was angry feels release of it's pressure when another becomes consumed with it's force. Leaving the one that was first angered often asking 'why are you so upset?'

This anger can waiver back and forth for days, weeks and sometimes months and years if the souls aren't seeking to remove that and replace it with happiness between them.

Enter the A*Hole spirit..

Drawn to the anger of another or the susceptible soul they bring their negative energy often during the individual's weakest moment, be it sleep where they are at their most vulnerable, where they wake up angry without even knowing why they're angry themselves..

Or creating the Jekyll and Hyde personality when they suddenly walk up behind the happy individual or complacent individual whose sudden blast often takes another aback thinking 'what the hell just happened?!'

Teenagers are most receptive to the A*Hole's hence why many throw tantrums or lash out at parents then in turn the parents are in the energy field of that anger and therefore you get WW3 in the home.

I've had instances myself where I have just lost my head over something trivial and then once that energy has dispersed I am left dumbfounded as to why I was so angry to begin with, it could had been something so slight, so stupid, but if theres' one around they'll see you as a challenge and bang! You're their play thing for the next few hours until they attach to another.

The one thing the A*Hole spirit loathes the most is a home filled with love, good communication and compassion. Sadly though to these once and still Narcissist beings this becomes a mission to break this up pronto!

Unless the individual/s are willing participants to the A*Hole's influence they often lose interest in them and move on to another 'Happy' home..

Now just to clarify, not every temper or argument can be blamed on these spirits, as we all are born with free will, naturally if someone says something and it's taken the wrong way one can become deeply hurt and as a result lash out in harsh words, but know that it's this that can often be the bait these spirits only need to see it as an opportunity to see just how far they can get that person to break to the point of causing soul damage or abuse toward another.

This is why, there is often more that a person in this realm can do to another than spirit, we can be merely puppets for their entertainment.

So, how do you know if you have an A*Hole spirit in your home?

Firstly, you need to understand what an A*Hole spirit is, and they can vary.. A*Holes are definitely spirits of those that were once a person in our realm, to sum them up they are angry souls that chose to remain or may had felt the obligation to never cross over or simply weren't given permission by their loved ones to go to Heaven. Some were common skeptics who'se determination to still NOT believe in the existence of the hereafter meant refusal to budge or they've become angry at being proved wrong. Over time they they are consumed by the anger energy and because they often feel that door of opportunity to cross over has passed, they lash out at anyone who they see being happy. Afterall, they want to take as many others with them to be miserable as they possibly can! Well here's a few character traits to watch out for:

• The person's mood has no in between - they're often angriest at home or work where the negative energy is most comfortable.

• You feel different when out of a location - If you dread going home or to a job where you know is tense and often fuelling fights and when away from that even if just down the road, you feel relief, you know there is a negative presence there.

• Your the only one angry but find you're less angry when someone you're yelling at becomes angry - this is where the energy has attached to another and you can almost feel it sliding off you like a domino effect.

• You ask 'what just happened?' - a person could be okay one minute then as quickly as the wind changes they become like a fireball, face grows red, pupils dilate, become fidgety or compulsive, but then once you get angry they are happy again.. (the Jekyll/Hyde effect) this is the Anger energy dispersement from one person to another.

How do you get rid of it?

Change what you watch - if you are watching video's or movies that are violent or make you upset in a angry way you need to know that often you are inviting the A*Hole in, you may as well just open up the front door and put out the welcome mat to any A*Hole that wants to destroy this family home. Watch movies if you must that make you happy, get you laughing or reach that compassionate heart within.

Get out of that location - Go for a walk or a drive if you're the one that's angry (preferably don't drive in this case as your likely not to be able to concentrate) even if you use an excuse to go to a shop or just sit in a park, better still walk up and touch a place of worship even if it's just the door to a church as the A*Hole won't follow.

But you need to rule out that maybe you are angry and for good reason so first thing is first, don't be quick to blame spirit but first examine why you're upset. Often by getting out of the location where the anger began you clear yourself of that toxicity.

Make a diary - by diarising the mood swings of another may be a good way of seeing a pattern, sometimes it could be a hormonal thing for women and men. *yes men get hormonal too but in a different way..

This way you can see if there is or isn't a pattern, if there is put it down to hormones, if there isn't and you notice they're different when away from the location where they're most angriest it may be you have a guest.

Use a word that everyone agrees on - if a person begins getting moody for no reason and you've ruled out hormones or other logical explanations have a word that is positive and everyone knows will be only said during that person's emotional binge. What's best is their favorite colour if it's blue you could say calmly 'Blue' or even have a colour card to put up of that colour so the person can see it and there must be an agreeance that when they see it they aren't to tear it up but go for a walk, have a bath or shower or listen to something soothing. Whatever you do, don't feud back no matter how much they try to invite you to their argument. Because it will be the A*Hole putting suggestions to them they aren't loved, or the other person is doing something behind their back. Remember A*Holes aren't demons but a grade less, they know what you fear and they'll do everything to rouse you to that fear level!

Write up the ABRAXAS spell and place it in the highest point of the home. The ABRAXAS spell is not really a spell but an amulet or charm used to drive away the devil himself. The charm is written upon a parchment of paper and said aloud whilst writing it to protect the person as they prepare to balance the energies within the environment it will be placed.

It's written as such:


Then stuck up at the highest point inside that home, office or building, it's effects are similar to the blood of the lamb that was smeared across the entrance to homes of first borns back in biblical times during the passover.

• And no home or location should be without a prayer or blessing over it. Through prayer you can ask Angels to come into the location and move out these deranged souls and ask the Angels place a seal around every entrance of the home preventing these lower forms of ever entering that premise again.


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