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Tonight's Spirit Visitation - Josh

The night is young and my Spirit visitor Josh has stopped by to say hello and to pass his love to his family, Josh tells me he lost control of his bike. Josh said "well I did stupid things and was f* crazy, but I never thought I would die but I can't understand why I'm still here."

After explaining that there is life after this world he then asked me why I have such a bright light around me, I told him I can't see the light he is referring to so took the opportunity to ask what it looks like.

He told me that my light appears over my head and swirls up high and it is constantly moving in a swirling pattern. I laughed and said so I have a tornado on my head? He nodded and said 'exactly' 😳

He said "how'd you think I found you?"

Well back to Josh, he said he wanted to thank his family and friends getting together near the corner and the way he described it it sounded like a vigil as he described them taping things onto a pole and putting up cards. He loved them, he mentioned a Ryan and then rambled about something in his room.

I explained that I will post up what he says, however I really prefer not to hear from anyone as I only pass on messages and if that is the only time he comes through then it would be a waste of time. He said that if they do he will try, but he said he has so much to catch up on.

What I found interesting is he is clearly a new soul, yet he is so excited about the other side and has accepted it and said it took him a while because it was like he was showered with loving thoughts and hadn't realised how much he upset everyone.

I must say he was very apologetic, but at the same time had a lingering discussion with what appeared to be another being I couldn't see. I assumed it was his Angels because not long after he said he had to leave.

I can't help but wonder how beautiful the other side must be, it was however, a bittersweet moment to think such a nice young man could be taken at what may had been the peak of his life. Its these visitations that make me realise how precious life is and to think someone out there is missing him dreadfully, he reminded me a little of my own son who is on the other side, although I can see him growing and turning into a handsome young man it saddens me that Josh's Mother might not have the same opportunity to see him. It was then my heart broke to think how awful it would be if I couldn't see and hear my son.

God, life can be cruel but its these moments I thank God for having given me this gift, I guess it was this moment I realised how lucky I am, yet so many times I am told this by others I didn't see it till now. Can you imagine going all these years and it takes this young man to break my shell enough to allow me to see things through the eyes of others.

Thank you Josh may your beautiful soul receive all the wonderful blessings the new world has in store for you.

~ Karen

*He is lying sideways so if you are having trouble seeing him his body is left

and his head is lower on the right.

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