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'They're listening to you'

I often get asked if I could pass on messages to loved ones, however if there's one amazing thing the Spirit world has, is the ability to hear you anytime/anywhere. I guess it's like walking around with a permanent earpiece on for them. Unlike us, who may get annoyed if someone keeps messaging us or calling us, Spirit actually loves it! 😊 I have asked Spirit 'don't you get tired of people calling you?' but the reply is always the same 'I love it!' Yesterday during a reading the Mother of my client came through, I've stopped putting them through the grill insisting they tell me their name etc because if the person isn't convinced they are here Chris said 'a name won't make any difference', so I thought 💭 😒 you could be right, after all Im no circus act and neither is Spirit, so since my job is to only be the go between, its not up to me anymore to convince the person Im reading that I have contact its up to them whether they wish to believe in the possibility of contact. I have found by less pressure on Spirit they have volunteered more things that identify who they are. After all the times I worried 😩 whether the person believes or not Ive since realised that if that person expects me or Spirit to jump through hoops to convince them that their loved ones are here then nothing will, they'll look for things to say 'it is fake etc'. All I can say is thank God Im never given their names as Id no doubt be accused of looking at Facebook profiles etc, even those on my friends list I cannot be bothered scouting their page for info so I try to avoid seeing the news feed because often thats where things jump out and Im like I don't want to see just in case they might book a reading. What's really weird is the way Spirit sometimes alert me to things, I can't help but giggle and think of that movie 'A beautiful mind' where the numbers almost became 3D glowing and jumping out it seems crazy but that's how Spirit have me see things, like driving I might see a street name that the pole literally appears to bend down beside my car with the name glowing only to discover that day a reading has something symbolic to do with that street name. I honestly cringed as I typed that because I can only imagine how crazy that sounds to the readers. But I can't describe it any clearer, I will never forget the first time it happened I almost had an accident hitting the reverse on my car, well I did but my car was fine, because I thought the pole with the street name Pilot Ave, was falling and ended up hitting the bonnet of the car behind me, the man was screaming and I turned and pointed at the sign saying 'I'm sorry the pole was about to hit my car!' He went over pushing against it saying 'lady you're on drugs! The pole is stiff as a board it ain't going anywhere! Do you see Im putting my whole weight on it its NOT falling!!' Mind you he insisted I have a drug test when the police arrived which came back negative. Then I sat down in my car crying thinking 'what the hell is wrong with me!' As he screamed out as the policeman wrote in his black book 'she shouldn't be on the road she's a crazy driver!' I remember I couldn't bring myself to drive for a whole month after that! It was late that day I had a booking and at the end of the reading I asked 'now, do you have any questions?' To which the lady said 'not really but I wanted to hear from my Dad' I said 'I'm sorry I welcome Spirit but if they don't come through I can't say they're here if they're not'. She said 'I understand, I just hoped he would had or at least said our secret code he said he would give me if there was life after death. I suddenly saw the pole incident in my mind and said 'hang on it wouldn't be Pilot Ave would it?' She said 'Are you serious?!' I thought oh heck she must think Im a real nutcase, she then began sobbing uncontrollably on the other end of the phone and then in between her sobbing she tried to speak, she said 'Karen, I don't know what to say but of all the reading, which was terrific what you just said just then has made my year!' I laughed and said 'a street name?' She then laughed and said 'Pilot', Pilot was the job my Father had in the second world war, adding he piloted a Boeing B29 so he agreed that on his deathbed when I asked him if he could let me know he made it to Heaven and as a skeptic he said honey if there is a life beyond this one and you ever see one of those psychic people I will tell them Pilot. I said well I can't say he literally told me but showed me more like it! She asked what I meant by that, so I shared my story.

But it gets better, after I told her she said 'I'm so sorry to hear of your accident but was there any damage to your car? I said not really but the mans bonnet has a dent from the Mag wheel on the back of my vehicle that left an impression. She asked if I had his number, I asked why, she said my husband happens to be one if the best panel beaters in Sydney and I'm going to insist he repair it for nothing! I said its okay we have insurance she insisted so I said okay that's very kind if you. She gave me the details so I called the man, he was about to scream down the phone at me but when I told him of the offer he said okay what was incredible was that he lived around the corner from the workshop and to top it off called me back to thank me because not only was his bonnet replaced with a new one he said they gave his vehicle a full going over pulling out all dents from trolleys that hit it on the door right down to a full detail and clean, he couldn't be happier. But it gets better, the police initially told me I would have demerit points for the accident. To which I accepted, however to this day no points were ever added. I called up to ask what was going on because I didn't want to be hit with a fine, but the woman on the other end of the line at the police station had no record on the system or anywhere to state I was invoking in any sort of accident caused by my me. I thought this is weird! Whatever happened that day was in my opinion a miracle in more ways than one, I still have to pinch myself when I think about it, these things I thought just don't happen! Well, I am proof they do, luck? Maybe or Spirit intervention 😊🙏🏽 you decide! But they listen, hear every word and every thought you have, I often think of how I long to be a part of their world, how truly magical and wonderful. But until then, I will wait my time. I've seen those who take their own lives and they are so overwhelmed with grief not only for the fact they wrestle with the fact they are still here in some form. But they grapple at how much clarity they now have and know its too late to go back, after all, they say 'if I could of had this when I lived in that body, I might never had gone and done that to myself! Now I see how my troubles brought on by myself were for nothing!' It's never too late to start talking to your loved ones, no matter how old you are, or how long it's been, they're listening to you. ~ Karen

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