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EVP & ITC What's the difference?

Updated: Mar 19

I cannot believe how many people seem to confuse EVP & ITC I watched a video where the lady said she was going to do an EVP session at some witches grave, then she pulls out a Spirit Box..

So disappointing ...If you confuse the two perhaps this might help.

ITC - (Instrumental Trans Communication)

Is a form of communicating using water, smoke, radio or any other assisted means that Spirit can interact with in producing imagery or Real time audible speech.

Image left - Using water ITC a request for a Guide to reveal themselves successfully achieved.

Image below Right - Using water ITC asking if any spirits present wanted to communicate through this method, was the message in reference to what happened to their body? You decide.

Image below Left - Spirit Box used for ITC

EVP - (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Is pure disembodied voices spoken directly to a person without the assistance of artificial means, for clairaudient people who can hear them just as well as they hear another person this is EVP. Otherwise EVP can be captured on a recording device that is only audible once played back as it is imprinted to the recorders memory. However it is not assisted through artificial means it therefore cannot be as easily debunked unlike an App or Spirit Box which sweeps across radio or verbal segments, which most certainly can be a case often co-incidence or false positives. With that said EVPs are best captured in a location when no one is moving to avoid contaminated sounds of clothing rustling etc.

However overall, EVP is the purest form of being able to hear the Spirits own voice, unlike an App or Spirit Box which often can be purely voice hijacking over the already verbal audio banks etc. I hope this finally clears it up. ~ Karen🌹

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