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Do Animals Have A Third Eye?

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

The answer is absolutely!

Unlike humans animals are more naturally intuitive.

Think of how you notice your pet appears to eagerly know when its time to pick up the kids from school or if you notice it doesn't take long for them to be waiting at the door or gate for you when you arrive home from work.

And I'm sure you've read about pets saving owners by waking them to alert about a fire or injury to a family member.

The animal world is highly sensitive

Animals are super aware and as spiritual beings their empathy and heightened awareness far exceeds that of our race.

A simple technique

l have discovered a technique that not only relaxes your pets but helps heighten not only your pets intuition but your own in the process.

Next time you're beside your pet, use one finger or just your thumb and make a gentle slow rhythmic circle in the area just above and between their brow line. (see image) Watch what happens, what you're doing is spiritually bonding with your pet, giving them a sense of protection and sanctuary around you bonding can be instant with them closing their eyes as an indication of trust.

What l like to do is as l am doing this give a gentle sound such as 'OM'....'OM'.... 'OM'....

you needn't be loud, think subtle soothing rythmic vibrations resonating off your words divinely linking you and your pet as one. Focus on your breathing as you do this.

As we touch our pets coats energies are transferred, depending on your energies your pet will respond by either pulling away or moving closer. Think of the stray that rubs up against a strangers leg, they are drawn to something within that persons energy field. However, it must be said that just as looks can be deceiving this can create a complexity to the energies within ones field, sometimes the trust built should never had occurred.

However animals are only drawn to a positive energy, so if that person is negative yet has been in contact with positive people this rubs off into their prana (enery field). When animals sense a negative prana or have built up a fear due to too much contact with negative humans, they may tremble in a persons presence.

Animals have intuition that enables them to sense fear from other animals, even if the other animal is in another room it can quickly connect with their energy, this may cause odd behavior, vocalising or curiosity.

Animals have more understanding than we realise.

Animals are often very protective, and will select one or two people to bond with, you may notice in times you feel distressed a pet may approach you or lay within a short distance of you. This incredible knowing makes animals more humane than we are human. The understanding is they know you shouldn't be alone and may come to you to subtly remind you are loved and respected. They are more devout to us than we often are to them.

Take time to just be with our pets or to understand them, and remember animals are more than we realize.



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