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𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓸𝔀 𝓟𝓮𝓸𝓹𝓵𝓮?🌹

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

I asked my Guide Sowella the big question today, ‘What exactly, are Shadow People?’

l thought l knew, however after taking notes found l still have much to learn, l attribute this to being the sort that never feels the need to ask questions of anyone let alone Spirit, unless it’s volunteered.

Here’s what transpired from that session.

Shadow people are not ghosts, they are the blueprint of spirit watches, guardians, or angels and sometimes lower forms of Demons. Shadow people are never loved ones, you will find shadow people move very quickly. In very rare circumstances shadow people can be people from our future the blueprint of those yet to walk our world in physical form but merely in practice mode. ie a soul that is yet to be born into human form visiting places prior to its existence or in search of the parents it will choose.

Below: screenshot of Shadow person that appeared in my doorway.

Often they go unnoticed, these forms of spirit can also bring change to one’s future, they can guide one’s path, they can be the link between our world and the next. Shadow people often are found in places where there are sick, or the dying, as all have death walking beside them in some form. It is not unusual to notice these beings particularly when one is close to the last days. Do not mistake Shadow people is hiding in the shadows, shadow people will only show them self the form that they want you to see, but never their true form.

If out in a location you should encounter one, it’s very possible what you see us a guardian angel or spirit guide keeping guard for you.

Therefore, one mustn’t be scared or frightened if they do encounter a shadow person, they will only remain visible momentarily but cannot hurt the living physically. If by chance, you do encounter the lower form of these entities, you will know it as they can bring great depression, they can influence one’s mind to think negative things, or even say things you normally wouldn’t.

These negative shadow people can whisper in your ear that you were unworthy. They can play mind games with you and control feelings and emotions that can bring an end to one’s personal relationships. The lower form of shadow person, is often shorter in height compared to that of angels or guides whose energy shows them as much taller, sometimes exceeding up to 10 feet in form.

The misconception is, that shadow people are only the colour of a shadow being black or dark grey, in reality Shadow people can be various colours, but the two common ones are dark grey to misty white. Colour does not determine the characteristic of these beings, the only thing that determines the characteristic is the behaviour and associated issues that may come from having encountered one.

Many times a person may not realise they have encountered any such being because they may not see it, but they will feel it, they will feel changes within them all their environment or their circumstances. Depending on the changes they do give us a better understanding of the encounter that has taken place.

If you have ever felt that someone was watching you as you lay in bed and felt eyes staring at you, but you cannot see any physical form or sense any real physical presence, it is very likely this is a guide or angel watching over you to protect you from the lower beings. Sometimes you may hear muffled voices as you lay quietly in bed, it may sound as though you’re hearing people in another room talking in a whispering muffled yet in-audible, yet definite voice.

Often because they are speaking in a different energy field to our existence, this is how the voices will be heard. Should their voice sound strong, masculine or deep, often this is because they are demanding the lower entity‘s or as you would refer to as Death beings to step back away from you or someone close to you.

What people do not realise in this world, is that death walks the path of everybody indiscriminate of race, colour, age or creed.

If it weren’t for many of those shadow people guiding and protecting, many may succumb to the hand of death or lower entities in their life much sooner. And as a result, many may not bare witness to these miracles.

Do not think of shadow people as bad, but be happy if you do encounter one and your life is happy because of it, if your circumstances suddenly change from bad to good, it is very possible that one of these beings have taken control back for you and removed anything negative on your path.

Below: Video of Shadow person manifesting momentarily in the doorway.

Shadow Spirit at cemetery

Spirit energy captured in my home

Thank you Spirit🌹

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