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𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔂 𝓢𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓵𝓮 𝓤𝓷𝓽𝓲𝓵...🌹

Actually these are wise words

Too many want to rush into a relationship because theyre lonely, this is one of the biggest mistakes because if youre lonely with being in your own company, so will the other person and chances are the relationship, if it even gets that far, wont work out.

Firstly, if youre lonely and find yourself moping about, do something that gets you in a happy place with the person you are! Do a hobby, catch up with friends, but what ever you do, DONT whine about how lonely you are!

People who are going to match-making sites often only join when they are at their lowest, then they have to write something about themselves, so they write a few lies or how they'd like to see themselves as being. Truth is, if they were as wonderful as they made themselves out to be they'd had been a catch already and wouldn't even consider being there. 😉 And a too perfect profile often has the inteligent ones thinking, what are they hiding if they really are this great?

Sometimes our Guides and the universe force us to be alone, and sometimes we create our own loneliness through our chosen thoughts, words and or, actions.

But whilst youre in limbo state, ask what is it I really need to know about 'me', if I am miserable with the person I am, how long will I be able to pretend to be the happy guy or girl around someone else?

The answer is, until you are happy with your life as it is, if you threw yourself into a relationship now your worst points would surface such as insecurity, jealousy, nit-picking behaviour, etc this alone is the best way to end a relationship not nurture one.

Happy people are possible when alone, they are shown by their Guides they must be resourceful in looking after themselves as if they were in a happy healthy relationship, then the right relationship will come to them!

So instead of focussing on how lonely you are ask first what triggered that feeling.

Was it seeing friends with partners?

Was it a movie?

Is it age?

Whatever the reason theres also a reason you are currently alone for now, so embrace it, begin to know you! The best relationships often take two people being in a good place with their feelings toward one another. The other person compliments the other not replacing an emptiness because if thats what its focussed around, if anything happened to one the other wouldnt know how to survive.

Its about love yes but also a need to understand that in a relationship the winds of heaven must always dance between you, keep it unpredictable and exciting! And no, it doesnt mean cheat on the other person. But both people are required to work on keeping the passion alive once you have it in place.

So smile because your Angels are working in ways that you may not yet know, well for starters they got you to read this, so don't worry be happy and know once you have been introduced to your lifetime partner you will have no need to desire another.

Bring a happy home to yourself by loving who you are, trying not to anger, visualise yourself being engaged or married to a person who makes your heart skip a beat. Dont place anyone's face in your mind leave this to your guides to fill in the blanks and wait on the will of heaven.

If its one thing Ive learnt, its that my grandmothers wise words to me were...

'God is never late'

~ Karen🌹

Share this or save it on your wall to remind yourself that you truly are being looked after and guided gently to the right one, when your Angels hit that green go button you will know 100% because you will see and feel the added trust and security being with this person they bring into your life, and that will be the sign that you are encouraged to love them.

But before this occurs you will feel on top of the world with the person you have become on your own.


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