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Scary or Disappointing Readings🌹

Sometimes the messages that come through in readings aren’t always the things that we feel apply to our current situation or overall what we want to hear.

I had a situation where such a event occurred. It is always important to know that readings aren’t meant to make us get angry or lash out at those around us. If something comes up that triggers us this is the whole reason why we should take action but in a positive way, and that’s by investing more time in our relationship or work situation or whatever that warning relates to.

Repetition in a reading ..

If you keep receiving a similar message in your readings this can become frustrating even if at the time of that reading all is well with that particular subject matter, this can be annoying and leave you feeling deflated, or frustrated with the reader.

The warning could be that you are in danger of losing your job, yet you have just been promoted or praised and that message doesn't make sense, but instead of dismissing it it may be a warning of things to come if you get too comfortable or overconfident. If this occurs you need to ask yourself what area of that job you feel you need to work on. Or can see it being a problem especially if you know deep down you may be inclined to fall into habits like getting too personal with your colleagues or being too trusting of sensitive information with something you blurt out only to reflect on later as a 'why did I do or say that' moment. Let's face it, I doubt there's not a single person who hasn't had this kind of experience. That's often referred to as 'putting one's foot in their mouth'.

With deeper meaning it could be specific like warning you about spending less time and energy socialising and more time actually working. Or it could mean you need to be careful about how many personal calls you’re making during work hours or taking credit for something you didn't do etc. Too often we become complacent and don’t realise that our actions or inactions can cause irreparable damage or the opposite.

The point of a reading is to shine a spotlight on our actions or inactions, and the obstacles that are ahead providing the necessary answers or warning to us that encourage us to not slacken off or take our circumstances for granted. After all, no one is indispensable.

One of the most difficult things for a reader to do is deliver negative information, as much as we want nothing more than to share positive glowing messages and exciting news or encourage positive thoughts and advice to our clients, sometimes we feel like that horrible ogre who has nothing nice to say and there lies the decision as to say or not to say anything. But this is the line in the proverbial sand.

If we don’t share the message we are blamed, if we do, we run the risk of that person giving us a bad review or telling others to avoid us because we don't have any good to say, and naturally this is not what any person wants. The risk of projecting a negative image causing the client to never choose to book with us again because they didn't like the way the reading went or hear what they wanted.

Sometimes, as hard as it may be, we have to swallow our pride as it’s our responsibility to share everything the good and the bad and offer constructive advice that way the client can make their own choices, but at least we can’t be accused of not sharing the warnings. It really does put a reader between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

On some occasions, the reader can also pick up the clients greatest fear and interpret that as a possible outcome. When a reader is confronted with a emotional situation and/or receive images that reflect the emotions, if these are the clients inner fears it can easily be interpreted as a warning. But the client needs to remember that the reader is not them, they may be getting the information directly from the clients energy subconscious. This is why it’s important when you’re having a reading to keep an open mind that if there is something that turns up and that is not what you feel is happening.

Perhaps ask yourself? Is this one of my deepest fears that I’m possibly projecting to the universe? Or is this a flag that I should be more invested in whatever it related to and make it a priority instead of something else that can wait? And if it's a fear, maybe I need to do something about removing that fear as all too often what we fear can become that welcome mat at our front door.

Perhaps this is why many readers opt to ask the client upfront what they want to know, so that way they don't place themselves in that predicament of being faced with the warning messages.

The problem with this approach of telling the reader what you want to know before they do the reading is that the client has just given the reader the answer they want to hear and paid the reader for doing so, then the reader can run with it and leverage off that question. The problem here on top of this is, the client's can do one of two things, accuse the reader of knowing what they know only because they told them or, the client is happy and praise the reader for giving them the information they wanted to hear.

However this can have an adverse effect as the client sometimes can become too relaxed and miss vital information they otherwise need to prioritise overall.

And when this happens what they wanted to hear ends up not manifesting due to the fact they didn't deal with a more important underlying problem first.

This is why I don't do this, I don't want to know what the client wants to know upfront, nor do I want to know who the client is especially if there's a chance I remember doing a reading prior, my readings are raw.

When doing a reading, the reader shouldn’t know who they are reading or anything personal about them such as the reason for their reading being sought out as this can cause one to contaminate what comes through the reading. But with that said just like any human, readers aren't invincible or not prone to a misinterpretation. As I explain to my clients, sometimes it is like two people looking at a painting in an art gallery or photograph and each person can receive a different interpretation of what is happening in it, one might see things differently or the Easter eggs hidden in the background the other person might not see because they are only seeing the obvious.

Bare in mind that while there are many that say they wish that they had a gift of being able to see spirit, and/or hear spirit and see things before they happened it's not all black-and-white. Sometimes there's a little colour in between. What I mean by this is let's look at emotions. The person doing a reading may be feeling a euphoric feeling and feel something good is happening or about to happen, only that feeling to the client isn't euphoria but fear and anxiousness. Sometimes the reader picks up on the dregs or aftermath of a situation that has left the client feeling drained or may connect with the clients bottled up feelings. Only the client can understand that as it's their reading not the readers.

The best way I can describe this from the readers perspective is to imagine you are feeling an incredibly overwhelming pain through your body, this pain can be interpreted as being an ailment or emotional suffering. The hardest thing to decipher for any reader are feelings, because feelings can relate to a variety of different things this is why we need to rely on our third eye, or visions given through spirit or the cards. These tools are the gel that connects the emotion to the situation.

Now imagine that whilst you are trying to connect on this emotion or feeling, and patiently waiting for spirit to reply, you have the client on the other end of the phone proceeding to ask numerous questions at once before you've had a chance to respond to the first one, then they are expressing different feelings and you end up getting mixed messages.

It can be quite overwhelming and sometimes very challenging.

I have also found that there are occasions a warning will repeat itself over the course of several readings until the client makes a decision to change their behaviour or endure the consequences or fate steps in. Once a situation has occurred it often won’t come up again.

Sometimes the question is what does one do to prevent the situation?

Sometimes, as in one instance where a car collision was seen over the course of several readings, not only by myself but from what the client stated previous readers had also brought this up, once it occurred it didn’t come up again.

However, again this may be a case of spirit trying to avoid the situation by simply asking the client to pay more attention when driving or as previously stated a fear of a collision. However, if it ends up happening then this can be a case of fear made manifest. The one thing I am told often by spirit, is we have a good level of control of our destiny just as we can control what we want to think about. So if we receive bad news it can be attributed directly to our own attitude, words, thoughts and actions or the things we just stand by and let happen.

If something happens to come up with regards to..

RELATIONSHIP - Don’t barge in like bull in a China Shop pointing fingers or starting a fight. As this surely won’t help fix anything but may if anything do the opposite to help the situation fall apart faster.

A JOB - don’t rush in and start abusing colleagues or contractors or preparing a resignation.

Reflect on how you can help better your situation, in the relationship it could be a sign to stop letting outside influences grow between you and your partner. Don’t pick on trivial things or clam up when they are speaking to you, but rather be more proactive in your relationship and make more effort to make them feel your love and support.

Be spontaneous in a positive way!

And in the job, head down tail up so as not to give them any reason to turn their attention to you in a negative way.

In some instances there are occasions when you just need to take off the rose coloured glasses and see things from a new perspective.

But don’t shoot the messenger.

Just remember the readings are not meant to create trouble or war between couples or rivalry between friends or colleagues, often readings can stir the need to converse more, about issues or topics that are otherwise buried deep inside one self.

A reading can bring out conversation and sometimes it can be healthy conversation with finally people getting things off their chest, but always look at a reading in a positive way. You only get out of it what you put into it.

This is exactly why I don’t like having clients ask questions upfront about what they want to know, because although they may receive the information they want to hear they may just contaminate the information and in turn cause the reader to reject other guidance from spirit that is coming through because they will be only focused on the clients question and if they feel that it doesn’t fit they will make it fit.

This is why at the very start of a reading I ask that spirit provide the information they need to provide the client even if it is not what the client wants to hear.

It’s also important to understand that prior to a reading it’s important not to listen to other people’s problems because our energy field is like a magnet and it is not uncommon for a reading to pick up on someone else’s situation which can cause total chaos and further confusion.

Unfortunately, the readers responsibility is to just pass on the visions, messages and or warnings. In short, it’s like we are arming the client with the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that they need to solve because it is their reading not the readers. This is why I am adamant about recording everything and not providing some typed up reading that all too often are a variation of autofill pre written scripts where the persons name is automatically assigned to allocated segments of the script then emailed out. Everything recorded in realtime means that the things that come through in realtime are delivered in realtime.

Later as it was well after midnight, I replayed back the audio and was relieved to hear that the spirit that was present was captured speaking, so fortunately for that the client has a chance to hear that the energy projected caused some interference as he spoke. So hopefully when the client downloads that session they too will hear them also.

Then again, if a client doesn’t want to hear the reading ever again they won’t download the audio which I can completely understand and appreciate.

However, as there was quite a lot in that session that came through it would be a shame if they didn't.

As I am sure as other readers do, I only want the best for my clients, but if something comes through that you’d rather not hear, it’s important to understand that the reader doesn’t have control over the way the cards fall or whatever spirit chooses to reveal.

If you can look at a reading as a guideline, not a begin and end all or that torch shining upon the future path showing certain things that you may encounter if you continue doing the same things. Then that choice is yours. After all, if you knew where you would fall, you’d put a pillow there.

𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓎 𝒷𝓁ℯ𝓈𝓈ℯ𝒹🙏🏼🌹


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