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Three Simple Words 💕

Throwback to 2014

Thought for the day...

Imagine if life had reruns but offered a chance on those occasions to put things right, sharing moments with loved ones no longer here, I'm sure disputes would had been put to rest or things done differently, but no doubt many would had listened more. Well life does have them, these are called second chances, you can make peace, you can make a go of things, you can STILL tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and the best part is, you WILL be heard, you WILL be forgiven. Because when the heart is honest, the aura radiates a golden colour that spirits undeniably see!

I had an interesting discussion once with a soul that visited during a reading saying "she got upset the other day, saying she couldn't remember my voice". To which the client acknowledged was her most difficult and confronting day since the passing of her Mother, she said 'so many times we spoke together, but it seemed so many other things distracted me, and I'd give anything to hear her voice again, I got suddenly frightened I had forgotten how she sounded.'

At that moment her Mother said 'ask her to give you her phone, tell her to open the recorder on it, I need to say something". So I did as the spirit asked and pressed record saying "okay, what do you want to say to your daughter?" I then felt her come closer and yell 'I love you!' I played it back to her daughter who clearly heard her Mothers voice and her words of love, to that young woman her relief was obvious, it looked like the world suddenly lifted off her shoulders.

After she wiped away her tears, she said with eyes closed "I love you too Mum". I said 'that is all you needed?' "Yes" came her reply.

I believe that recording would had been played over and over, 3 simple words that hold so much meaning should only be used and said when there is truth inside ones heart. Spirit can express love still even following their departure from this physical plane of existence. So as you read this message, any hurt you felt let it go, if you're worried about not being forgiven for any wrongs know as long as your heart holds truth in your words, spirit will know, your loved ones can come closer if you remove the blockages, and you never know, you may just hear them too.


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