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What should readings be like?💫

Updated: Feb 5

🪄What should readings be like?💫

🪄Readings should be affordable

Readings should be a fixed rate, and depending on what is involved, should be affordable. It should be up to the clients whether they want to donate any extra.

🪄Your reader should never be told upfront why you want to have them read for you.

Unless you are determined to have a whole reading focused on one particular topic.

The readings are designed to bring through the things you need to be made aware of, or connect with the immediate energies flowing around and within you. All questions should be left until the end of the reading, so they don’t contaminate what comes through.

Tip: if you are scheduled to have a reading, try to avoid dramatic people or whiners, as you may be opening your energy field to invite their issues or life events into your reading. This is why often you may feel your reading relates to someone you know.

🪄No medium should promise contact.

Sadly, as we all may seek contact or confirmation of the afterlife, once last goodbye, one moment longer with a loved one or friend. The reality is that Spirit knows what’s best, Spirit should be welcomed, never forced and often we have no control who comes through.

And never ever tell the psychic medium that you are there for that purpose. Just place a welcome to the other side, to those who may wish to communicate. If no one does, then they know it’s not the right time or place.

Just as someone in our realm may not want to see a psychic medium, doesn’t always mean they will want to once they’re on the other side. Sometimes, it’s more personal to Spirit in that they may prefer to greet you in your dreams or just drop little signs your way.

So just relax and leave it up to them. 🙏🏼

🪄A real reader will not ask you to give them more money to remove a curse.

Firstly, it’s often we who curse ourselves, through negative thoughts, words and actions.

So before you are ready to point the finger at someone, ask yourself “what are my words, thoughts and actions sending out to the universe to receive back to me?” You may be surprised to discover that by simply changing yourself, the way your mood is, your outlook, your attitude, can manifest a more brighter path ahead. 🙌

🪄Readings should be recorded start to finish.

You want memories of your reading, you don’t want to be wracking your mind trying to recall everything that was said. So to have the readings recorded is essential as many things can happen months later.

🪄Readings should not be airy fairy.

As entertaining as many may see readings to be, these are in fact serious issues a greater part of the time. It just shouldn’t come with the theatrical performances. Often there are very pressing issues the clients bring to their readings. Whilst we may not hear what we want or what will get that reader being seen as the good fairy that waves her magic wand and wallah! Instant repairs to a broken heart or relationship. It just doesn’t work that way.

The reading should not be bias, favouring the clients over another person. The reader is the one that should see things from a bird’s point of view. The readings shouldn’t judge a person, but harness the problem and provide spiritual support. Often it is the clients who have unknowingly the abilities to help themselves.

Sometimes we need someone just to point that out.

🪄Readings should not be done close to a prior reading.

It is up to the readers to note on their website or page to advise against booking a reading, if their last one was within 3 months.

Often people have been to one reader, then because they didn’t like what they heard, went to another and another. To do so can be creating a whiplash effect on your path, causing something great to turn out the opposite. So as frustrating as it may be, please wait, it could mean the difference between a so-so reading and a great reading!

If Spirit advises for example that the one you seek love from doesn’t feel the same way, it should be the accepted answer as difficult as it can be. Perhaps the timing of that relationship is too soon, or too late for fixing. Remember readings only project the things upon your path, they cannot make changes manifest, that is up to you. To go from reader to reader only provides predictions of the things that follow on from the prior reading. So whilst you may eventually get to hear what you want to hear, this may, if it’s to do with a relationship it may be speaking of a new person, and not necessarily the one you’re enquiry is about.

So eventually if you bounce from one reader to another or do your own reading over and over, it will only be a continuation from where the previous one left off. The problem then is it effects timings, which can end up being way off.

🪄A reader provides only what they see, feel and hear.

It may surprise you to learn that often during a reading the readers have no idea what they are passing on to the clients. This is because Spirit may be working through them, addressing the clients on a personal level as the reading is not the psychic mediums, but yours. There will be things that feel to a reader very trivial, no brainers etc. That’s because often things going on or are to come are logical no brainer circumstances.

I will never forget the day l had this female Spirit repeat over and over “the cucumbers are good this time of year!” I remember thinking to myself, there’s no way l am going to say that! It’s ridiculous! However as relentless as she was l gave in and said to the client “I’m sorry for this but if l don’t say it l won’t get any peace.” Then repeated it to her, it turned out to be very specific, in that her grandmother used to call her Cucumber, because all she would eat whenever she would visit as a child were cucumber sandwiches.

Since then, no matter how crazy, ridiculous or weird the messages, and even though l still cringe when delivering them, l give them if they come through.

🪄Questions must be left until the end!

I cannot stress enough about leaving questions you have until the end of the reading. So be ready to ask once the invitation to ask questions is offered.

I recommend writing out the questions you want to ask, so once the reading itself is completed you can ask away.

Don’t be surprised though, if that has already been answered, this way if is has already you can just cross it off the list and focus only on the ones that hadn’t.

So when you’re ready to order a reading without the airy fairy theatrical carnival side show, l will be here for you.

𝓢𝓽𝓪𝔂 𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮𝓭🙏🏼


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