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How Spirit manifests

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I feel very fortunate that many Spirits know I'm not here to offend or demand anything from them, I may ask a Spirit to do something to show those still here in our world how life is continual, bu I will never, ever force them. I will never dare them, insult them or provoke. I honestly believe it is only because of this they cooperate. I'm honest with them about why I may ask them to do something like appear or say a word to validate they are with me, hearing me or seeing me. I love how willing Ruth was in appearing before my camera, a beautiful lady even in the new realm. What's more fortunate is she once was a person who was curious to know whether there was an after-life so I feel that owed to her willingness to cooperate. I feel this to be perhaps one of the most spectacular recordings of spirit manifestation ever! And little old me. an ordinary woman recorded this! ( well apart from my being able to see & hear them I feel otherwise ordinary :D ) Here is another where I asked a Spirit in one of the hallways of my home to prove that they were not just a glitch in a Kinect camera as many claim that matrixing causes the human eye to seek out and identify faces etc.. Oh how wrong is that theorist :)

Or even this video where I have asked spirit to show how quickly they hear us when we speak to them :)

Whether you choose to believe or not, I'm not going to force you, that's up to you as you have Free Will so does Spirit.. Isn't that wonderful to know, that even in the new world to come... we get to keep that free will :) Last but not least here's Chris, a spirit in my home who decided to record a selfie of himself on my iPhone as I slept LOL

~ Karen

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