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My emotional healing today.. And a meeting with my 2nd Guide.

Updated: Jan 24

I give thanks for my visitations of strength and support.

This morning I connected with the warrior nature within to move past pain I experienced recently from the loss of my dear cat Peppurr who shared 16 wonderful years with our family. Peppurr Pooh She came into our home as a stray frail sick kitten that Vets said wouldn't survive the next 12hrs let alone the next 16 years. She had everything imaginable, cat flu, ear mites, eye infection, ringworm, fleas, dehydration, burs in her fur and was so small I had to feed her with an eye dropper, as a form of comfort she would suckle on my earlobe until she fell asleep, all the while almost deafening me completely with her loud resonating purring. :) Because there were no other cats in our home she grew up with the kids calling me 'Mumow' and little sighs when she wanted my attention. She also loved to sleep cuddled up to my arm with her tiny head resting on my arm as a cushion she'd then as she grew older began snoring. Due to the sicknesses she had as a kitten her growth was stunted so she always looked like a young cat even as she aged, its as though time stood still.

Earlier this year she was diagnosed with Kidney disease, later she showed trouble eating, so to the Vet we went to discover she was in much need of some dental extractions. It was a risky surgery given her Kidney issue, but my focus was quality of life and even though she had this I felt confident she would pull through and have a chance to eat without pain. We booked her in and when the surgery came she she had a total of 6 teeth removed, she pulled through and the areas of extraction appeared to be healing. However there later appeared lumps one on her neck which had been there for almost 2yrs which we were told could be the micro-chip, however it began growing almost tumor like in size. The vets assured us it was benign, but then she had one growing on the right side of her forehead, it got larger and larger and as it did her right eye wept, antibiotics were given to no avail, 2 lots of antibiotics and even though she ate a lot her weight was plummeting. No matter how much she ate she wasn't maintaining her weight. The Vets said it's only a matter of time, prayers were constant and I got to the point of pleading with God to spare her. Her days were like yo-yo's some good some so-so. Toward the end she would want to climb onto my bed to be with me and this Monday just gone I had spirits telling me she was going to be leaving us soon. I was beside myself, she was ready but I wasn't, none of us were however it came to the point we made that decision to take her to the Vets to have eternal rest. Tuesday morning 31st August 2016 at approximately 3am

Heartbroken we stayed by her side the entire time, but she left before the drug was administered. Our sweet little girl was gone.


The meeting of my 2nd Guide Chief Red Cloud who also went by Chief Oglala. The meeting came to me through a dream.

I was walking along a river, one I had never seen before. The Sunlight bounced off like tiny stars upon the ripples of the water, yet when I looked up no Sun was anywhere to be seen, just a strange aura light that moved like the water before me.

I felt the tiny round smooth pebbles beneath my feet that seemed to be of many different hues of gold and citrine. I could see movement just beneath the surface of the water as if the water was filled with fish, I'd never seen so many. I could see plants and nature up from the shore that seemed to dance in a swaying way, a beautiful glow emitted from each flower and leaf, as I continued to walk it was as though the plants knew I was there, it was peculiar but somehow seemed to me like it was just how it is. Mind you, I've never seen plants behave this way before so why was it familiar? I couldn't understand but felt no need to continue to rationalise it in my mind. My mind.. I felt like every thought was creating something around me, my mind causing me to move forward just by thinking of moving forward.

I could then hear the soft beating of a drum, not rapid beating but a gentle deep resonating beat that seemed to be an effortless motion by the drummer. Strangely enough, now I think about it, everything else about me was silent except for that softly beating of a drum. Like there was no white noise of any kind, come to think about it, I don't even remember any breeze of such so what caused the plants to move? Anyway...

I followed the sound into a thick woodland where everything about me grew dark, I noticed my breathing .. it wasn't there.. I recall saying to myself 'have I died?' I then saw Sowella she wasn't speaking, just smiling at me as she did as a child, she motioned with a wave of her arm to move forward. I felt nothing beneath me and looking down discovered my feet were floating above the twigs and rough surface of the ground. As I moved above this I noticed bugs scattering like the way a drop of dish washing liquid causes oil to in a bowl of water to disperse.. The slow paced drum rhythm continued.

I turned to make sure Sowella was still there, and to my side she too floated. Not speaking just a gentle reassuring smile. I then found an opening in the thick, a round open area with a fire in the center and a native male Indian seated upon the ground with legs folded and eyes looking upward to the sky above that was filled with tiny stars and planets that seemed closer than I'd ever seen before with my human eyes.

Sowella then said 'Karen, I want you to meet Chief Oglala he is your other Guide' she added 'in your world he was known as Chief Red Cloud.'

I felt intrigued to speak to this incredible looking man who wore traditional and brilliant colored clothing and Moccasins that seemed to be covered with a coarse hair and his head adorned with a headdress of large silvery white black and white tipped eagle feathers that appeared to trail down to the ground behind him, there was a beading of what appeared as bright red ruby's around the band that sat just above his forehead. His face youthful and yet his eyes full of wisdom beyond his years, he raised one hand that held some sort of sceptre similar to one of my divining rods (pictured below) though his looked much more detailed and the other hand held a shorter mallet looking drumstick with what appeared to be cow hide on the end it matched the same as the stretched skin that was used over the drum which sat balanced on his thighs. He stopped beating the drum, then placed it down upon the massive black buffalo hide he was sitting upon, then waved me to sit beside him.

I don't know why but I felt a little nervous by this, he then smiled and said 'sit.. please' I nodded and then made my way to where he wanted me to sit by his side.

He reached into a bowl that sat in front of him with what looked like golden sand in it, he grabbed a handful and threw it into the flames that rose up then revealed to me like a scrying mirror the moment we were saying goodbye to my beautiful cat Peppurr, I could see us all sobbing and petting and kissing her. Then I felt something brush against my hand, I looked down and saw my Peppurr, purring happily and looking as she did when she were a young adult cat. My heart at this point leapt with happiness and I picked her up kissing her head and hugging her with tears streaming down my face.

Sowella said 'she is happy, she feels your love Karen, she knows you all think of her and she is happy' Chief Oglala repeated 'yes happy cat, no pain no more.'

As I held her and stroked her fur Chief Oglala said to me 'next time you come here you will step through the flame to the other side, there she will be waiting with the others who will lead you to your family' Sowella said 'This will be your passage to the new world do you understand?' Yes I said, this will be when I die right? I was confirmed.

I sat speaking to the Chief Oglala and Sowella for what seemed like ages playing with Peppurr and once more lavishing her with 'I love you's' and hugs and kisses, I then asked something I thought I'd never ask, I asked how my passing will be and they assured me I will not feel pain. I needed reassurance that Peppurr felt no pain when she left and they told me her soul was held apart from the pain so she felt nothing as it freed from her body, it was one of my biggest concerns that she leave with dignity and I was assured she did not suffer, Chief Oglala told me that right before the Spirit detaches from the earthly body there is no more pain, 'it awakes to the new world' he told me, 'Spirit has been sleeping it is in dying that wakes it up'. I found that quote incredible to take in, then I asked 'if my Spirit is asleep in my body how does my body live?' Chief Oglala replied 'It is governed by Spirit, it is the food for the living, it can no longer live once Spirit has left, therefore Spirit is sleeping and during the body's sleep it can awaken to travel, yet everything learnt by the body's is what moulds Spirit through the body's lessons'. He spoke of the body and Spirit as separate even when they be adjoined. I found it quite peculiar but somehow it made sense. I found some things went right over my head, given I don't watch TV (not that we don't have one we just don't watch it) I prefer not to know of things that I have no control over, yes it is ignorant however I prefer not to walk about paranoid. Chief Oglala told me of some things that will come to pass, a change that will effect the world all over is in progress right now, he also said we should beware the iron man that is to come who is going to blind and charm many of the world with lies and many will praise him, but once he rules destruction is his power and lives surely lost. He said signs will be given to everyone with strange questionable cloud formations that will appear above Australia and other countries. He continued to show me things that would also make many Australians proud but he also warned there is a faith war that is going to divide many and it won't necessarily be the likes of ISIS but much worse is to follow. He also spoke of a trickery where many men and women will be sent to a location to fight but will be turned upon by the ones that send them. I said 'like a trap?' he nodded 'it will be a trap an ugly trap'. He also showed me what looked like two tall horns that came straight out of the ground. There was also a mention of a big discovery that will make news worldwide and have many talking about it for a long time to come, 'many generations will know of it' Chief Oglala said. I asked whether we could change things and he smiled and said 'everyone has always had control, yet they seek material fulfillment instead of spiritual fulfillment, once man has embraced Spirit it can move through the earth demons like a power no man has until now known, Spirit must be embraced this in return gives love and truth to understand worthiness because without it all man will all crumble to rock dust in it's path it will not be discrimination of race or colour'.

It was then I just had this strange sort of knowing that I needed to return to my body, I gave Peppurr one last hug and kiss and placed her down she walked off as if she knew she would see me soon. What struck me was how I felt, no more crying just a feeling of peace that washed over me like a wave. Normally she would want to be around me, clingly, but something was different, she seemed stronger, more independent, and yes, happy this way. It gave me a new happiness inside, knowing that she was okay, but more importantly that I will see her again if not visiting me here in Spirit most definitely when my time has come to leave.

I then felt like someone had turned on a vacuum and I was being pulled back unable to stop the feeling of this determined pressure around me it was like being inside the Rotor at Luna Park that ride that spins so fast you almost glue to the walls..

I then awoke and had this feeling as though my body had a cool breeze that had just crossed all the way through it.. I suddenly felt the weight of my body that in this dream or visitation was not even present in any way. I then put my hand in front of my mouth to see I could breath out LOL yep I was alive.. check!

The weird thing is from the time Peppurr left I was eagerly staying awake waiting for her to visit, because she was such a big part of my family for 16 years I felt like my heart was literally torn down the center when she left. My grief was unbearable I couldn't even think of reading and at one point felt like never reading again.

What this taught me is that I am not alone, that my

purpose is not to waste here, I was shown some things to come and given I never read for myself I was in some parts surprised and now prepared, I guess that's how many who have readings walk away from them feeling, prepared of events to come. All I will say is I was told the age I will leave, the way it will happen, and although at first I was frightened by what I saw I was assured my experience will be painless and quick.

I layed in bed thinking about what happened, and made quick notes of everything that I could remember which I have shared in this blog post. I am feeling happier within myself, like my dark cloud was lifted. It was nice to meet my other Guide Chief Oglala, who before this was not known to me, I learnt he often is the one that shows me the images that appear in a jigsaw puzzling way. It is his way of revealing to me what is happening with the person I'm reading or about to read.

I'm glad though that Sowella was there to encourage me to ask the questions I needed to know but never asked. Thank you Sowella.

And thank you Chief Oglala for your time in explaining some things I thought I'd never know. And thank you for giving me one more precious moment with my fur baby.

When I got up I was almost singing with the happiness I felt inside.


Post script on a closing note.

Here is a spirit Visitation of Guide Chief Oglala

that happened in my home.

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