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Interesting Spirit Visitation

As many who follow the Facebook Page will know, when ever I have a visitation where Spirit wishes a message to be passed on, when they do this I simply as a good will post it up, There certainly are no strings attached for doing this, it's just my way of helping the soul possibly reach their loved one. The other day I had a very interesting visitation from a young woman calling herself Christine. Below is a copy and paste of that post. Spirit communication from a Christine, Please note that I was quite hesitant in posting this up because of the details shared. However at this spirits request I am sharing this visitation. Know I have taken down a great amount of detail which I am sharing on the page, please do not read this if you are easily upset, sometimes when spirits come to me they aren't always happy and cheery. I didn't know for certain whether she was just reaching out to get things off her chest or whether she wanted someone who follows this page to just know her story.

A unusual visitation from Spirit

Christine 19th Jan 2017 9am Thursday. Christine tells me she got frost bite which is what she said caused her passing however expressed that it was sudden, I was quite taken aback at her next comment 'the water was red!' I asked her to tell me what she meant by that but she she then just replied 'he lied!'. I feel she was confused and emotional so I began writing what she was saying down as best I could. She said how she slapped his face, when asking who she just began to cry saying 'I never fight but he slapped my face. 'I asked who she was with and she replied 'he said he's the Judge' her conversation became quite dark and very detailed which described how she passed I hesitated writing then but she insisted I 'take it down!'Christine spoke of how he moved her into the freezer then used a knife and put her baby on the table, OMG she was pregnant, she then went on to say 'he didn't help them'. Christine said 'he said what is the kid for?' for a good few minutes she cried heavily and then gathered herself to say 'Im innocent but dead'. What intrigued me was her reference to a password, I cannot help but wonder whether there is someone who has in their possession a computer or something that requires a password which she said words to the effect 'wisedoctor is their password'.She also mentioned 16 so I must admit as I was writing it all down I am not sure whether that was her age. She also mentioned a Stella so I feel she was quite overwhelmed I was acknowledging her so please bare with me as I try to relay what she was telling me.I asked if there was anyone she wanted me to let know about her coming to see me and she said the name Sylvia. In between her emotional state she made mention of seeing 'all of that' so it may mean something to the person or persons she is trying to reach. When I asked her a few times how long she had been over she replied 'you shouldn't shout' so I feel she was lost in her message to those still as I was speaking calmly to her and in no way shouting. She then went on to say that she received the message and there was something left behind by them.Then she proceeded to tell me about finding the dog under a car and they saved him. She then said in a happier voice they were saved with the love. And that the dog had seen her.There was also something else she wanted me to write down.'Don't be so fussy, it's Jack you love...Jack he's fine.' so I feel this may be directed at the person she wants to know she was here. Christine asked me to also acknowledge that she knows what happened had broke her Mother's heart and expressed how sorry she was. She then stated that she spoke to Albert, I presume she meant Albert the office spirit whom I've discovered on quite a number of occasions has sent spirits to me..I tried to change the subject asking if she was now happy and she became upset again saying 'why would you ask me that?' I apologised and explained that I just felt perhaps her getting all this out might had given her some peace. She replied with 'I can't have peace while I am seeing my loved ones hurting so much'.I asked if there was anything else she wanted for me to pass on and she ended with two words 'miss Dad'. It wasn't help in crossing Christine wanted but to just say what she needed then leave, she didn't say she would be back, she didn't even say goodbye. which is what caused me some hesitation in posting this up, but a promise is a promise and for what it's worth even if it gives her a voice for something so inhumane that took place in her life, she is entitled to be heard even if it is by way of using me as her go between. ~ Karen

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