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My Amityville experience

Updated: Feb 5

Friday's livestream was more than interesting as I  asked Spirit to assist in me making audible contact with the DeFeo family, in case you aren't familiar with them perhaps "The Amityville Horror" movie might give you a clue?

For three consecutive nights I had a recurring dream that I was in the DeFeo's home watching this black smouldering mass hover around a young male and female standing at the top of the stairs. 

They appear in my dream to be either stunned or in a trance state but communicating with the black mass I described as soot colour and yet it had no real shape to it, well nothing to suggest it were male or female or something with limbs or a head, it did however contain a disembodied voice that provoked and uttered constant ridicule towards them.

What struck me in my dream state was the awareness I had, not like the ordinary dreams where you are just on auto pilot, this one I had awareness and clarity that I was seeing these things, I was aware I was out of my body as a conscience form and aware that this couldn't possibly be happening now as this event took place in 1974. The other thing that struck me was how emotions seemed to be disconnected from me, like knowing somewhere in that home lay dead bodies but not feeling fear or any sense of emotions. Completely the opposite to how I would feel or any other person for that matter would, under such circumstances.

Was I trying to force this out because I was conscious of the fact I knew I was having a dream? Or was it the effects that strange dark mass created? Who knows? 

The next thing I saw was the girl being forced into a bedroom by the mass, then thrown against a bed where she hit it face down. I must had turned because the next thing I recalled was seeing the male looking surprised as he suddenly had in his hands a rifle, the way he held it was not like one would with a hand on its trigger, in fact I don't recall seeing him do the typical style of shooting one might do with a rifle, where it is held up in line with ones face and the shots fired. The dark mass hovering about him gated him to kill her, I recalled his expression changing but still looking confused as the shot appeared to fire off by itself.

Suddenly I heard a loud bang downstairs sounding like a heavy door slamming shut.

It was then I found myself back in my bed, now every nerve within my body was literally jumping about and twitching beneath my skin, was I experiencing the shock in my physical body but not in my ethereal body? All I knew was I was glad to be back home in reality.

I tried to put the strange dream out of my mind for the rest of the day, but easier said than done I guess. I never accounted for having the same dream follow that night and the next. Waking up around 3am with nerves bouncing off the walls within me.

This peculiar experience had me keen to read up on this place, there was no reason I could relate as being suggestive as a logical explanation for having the dreams, I'd not watched any movies, let alone the Amityville Horror probably for a good 15yrs or more. So why now? I had to know!

I then wondered if perhaps Spirits were reaching out to me to make contact. Whatever the reason even if just pure coincidence, I decided to see if I could, and as you will hear from the video, I wasn't disappointed.

This video is not the livestream which goes for over 2hrs covering various things including the contact session and reading a few things out about the murders as well as sharing my dream experience. However this video is of contact taken from the actual livestream itself.

Given that the Spirit Box is technically a broken radio, the fact swearing came through and reference to Demons etc and the intelligent replies, one thing is certain, though some stations do have some swearing the uncanny replies are too detailed to be considered pareidolia in any way. 

Watch it and you decide whether contact was made or not.



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