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I not long ago spoke to spirit about all the cruel things that goes on in the world, terrorists, and just overall vicious cruel beings, the sad part is from my personal experience as a Medium, there is more to fear in our world than in the after life. Now many have been convinced that any link of such to Spirit is engaging with the Devil and his minions.. However there may be those who seek out these beings, I certainly don't.

Yes I've heard them all.. •If you are speaking to the dead then you're speaking to a demon •Demon's will impersonate and play games with you and make you believe that they are a loved one. •Demons will give you good luck. •Demons this and Demons that.. Well I say... •How can I be speaking to the dead? To be dead this means there is nothing as the interpretation of dead means ceases to live right? Spirit never dies.. it just transients to another level of existence. and with all the years I've had Spirits visit me day/night/afternoon I'd hardly think a Demon would ask me to pass on a message to their loved ones telling them they've made it safely and they still love them. Demons are more inclined, I'd imagine, to say 'tell my loved ones I hate them and I am now suffering and lost' because these evil things would want nothing more than to know that there are people feeling miserable and depressed over their loved ones passing.

•Sure there may be Demons however I refer to them as A*Hole Spirits, I've had a few of them taunt me and say some really nasty things to me, like a time when I were in my early 20's one told me that no one loved me or cared if I lived or died so they said 'go on.. just kill yourself.. no one will miss you!' I sunk into a deep depression and wondered why a Spirit calling themself at first a friend would say this to me, then Sowella my Guide stood in front of me between me and the evil being and said 'You are worthy .. do not listen to their lies', just her presence alone pacified me and settled me, bringing me back to myself. Because of her intervention this thing dissipated and left me alone. • I do believe that Demons will make you achieve things but as long as you give thanks to God and your Angels and Guides how is the Demon going to benefit? The problem I see is when people get what they want they suddenly forget about giving thanks to God, but whose the first one they run to when the chips are down, casting blame? God.. and I'll admit I did one occassion, saying he couldn't even help me find my Father, well, the next day God led me to find him. I feel it was a case of him not being able to intervene because I had my mental hands of worry on the situation for so many years that it was when i finally stopped and let go he could! Yes I've heard them all and some I will agree, however to see real evil all you need do is look around you.. murder, rape, bombings, animal cruelty, child abuse, drug abuse, greed, these are all classic Demons we have come to accept as a part of life, sure we get upset but what do we do to stop it? Nothing! Because if we really made it our mission to end this we would had done so already. Protesting is like a bandaid solution, it brings a little attention to it then it's covered up again.

Animal Cruelty

Many have asked me 'Why doesn't Spirit stop animal cruelty, like in China etc where they torture and eat dogs and cats?' So I asked Spirit who said 'firstly, you are of flesh and have a physical intervention here, you are physically able to prevent this, but if those of flesh are unable or unwilling to, Spirit cannot intervene, but once a person stands up to this with faith we will be like soldiers by their side!' You may see yourself as a drop in the ocean, and that you are, but the power of water is amazingly strong when all those droplets come together, and after all, we are made up mostly of water! So the real Demons are those in the hearts of man who do these acts, they are soulless and these soulless things don't care for any living soul.

I watched a video of a dog crying real tears after she and her puppies were rescued, the reality is everything that has feeling, emotion has a soul. Those that brutally kill or maim any living thing and feel no remorse for let alone even thinking about such cruelty in my opinion are Demons of flesh. I am not saying there are none in the afterlife, what I am saying is if we cannot deal with the ones we see and ignore every day, what hope have we got dealing with the ones we can't see! Even in the Bible it says how Satan was cast down from Heaven to Earth and he walks amongst man. So it's no surprise to me that he wants to turn as many against God as he can. Calling upon the Devil/Satan Anyone who does this, be it the Darkness himself or his minions is just asking for trouble, humans regardless are limited when it comes to spirits, they are much more powerful than humans could ever be. To ask any spirit to use ones energy is just stupid, think about what spirits are made up of? Energy! So why do they need ours unless its a welcome mat to possess. I do not recommend calling upon the Devil regardless of how superior you may think yourself to be. I would much rather turn my face to God and Angels. Stay safe, stay positive. ~Karen

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i LOVED this one too!!! i love your poetic way of talking/telling a story...i particularly liked this quote "I feel it was a case of him not being able to intervene because I had my mental hands of worry on the situation for so many years that it was when i finally stopped and let go he could! " and i relate to this sooo much... we all are guilty of being our own worst enemies at times! i seem to have been overdoing that to myself the last four years and it only seems to be getting worse...(i guess because i'm allowing it to if im being completely honest, but i feel all my muscle memory has been us…

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