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Removing the taboo of death talk

Speak to loved ones about death.

It's a part of life that sadly every person here will at some time cross over. However, in my experience as a Medium so many do not wish to speak about it. However, it's important that you do. Most may say its morbid but it isn't its a fact of life, so why does this topic need to be so taboo?

Many Spirits communicate how they want their loved ones to be happy when they're gone. However wish they spoke about it so they could had told them in a serious discussion what they will give to them as their sign of when they are visiting with them. Many have asked me why their loved ones don't notice their signs to them or dismiss them.

Once a person has left our physical realm, we mourn and its normal. We mourn when a child leaves home to live somewhere else that may be overseas in another country. However the mourning is easiest because we know they are still alive even though we cannot see them. If you apply the same logic to Spirit then you will embrace this difficult time much more easier and sense the communication when it occurs. The problem I see is, when a person mourns and signs are given they often dismiss it as imagination or the scientific mind begins to rationalise reasons, because they see death as final not a moving out process.

Let me put it like this... If a child moves out and they call you up, do you put it down to imagination or wishful thinking? Of course you don't! 󾌵 Because you know that its them, right? Why? Because they are still alive!

Well brace yourself folks, this is precisely how it is when your loved ones reach out to connect, they're 'STILL' alive!

Apply the non-visual separation here, the concept of not having that physical form in front of you but just a voice on the end of a telephone line. You will answer because you have something startle you (the ringtone) then you say hello and listen out for the voice on the other end.

Now getting back to my reason for posting this..

Set aside a few minutes to talk to your loved ones about what signs you would like to give your loved ones, assure them you are not thinking of doing anything stupid, as many will assume this. But don't make this topic taboo because someday you will had wished you did talk about it, because often for those that do, this gives them great comfort in knowing that you will be wanting to communicate with them after you're gone.

The grieving process can be longer or shorter depending on your talk and often will give those a chance to wait for the signs discussed (like waiting on that phone call) as one would waiting to hear the voice on the other end of a phone line.

Here are some tips to discuss this often eluded topic:

• Speak of a loved one on the other side as an opening to the discussion.

• State how if you had the chance to talk to them, that you'd like to say what single sign you will give and visa versa when you're called home to the New World.

• Write down one sign you will give your loved ones left behind. Don't make it too intricate but simple, it could be seeing a rose petal or feather stuck on their car window. Or a leaf stuck to a drivers door of that persons car. Describe what colour you will have it be. Give detail about this single event. •You may want to say a specific day ie: I'll make it a Thursday so these signs are undoubtedly from you. •Then again, it could be your favourite perfume or cologne or a number or time. A song or word that will trigger them in knowing you have a hand in this. •It could be a bird singing at their window, or even a cloud forming the first initial of your name. So remember, just as you may tell someone you will phone them at XYZ time you know that your loved ones will be waiting to see your sign.

Break the taboo of not speaking about what signs you will give your loved ones, and just remember sometimes we may have some delays such as a phone may be out of order or a busy signal prevents you connecting as long as you know the sign will come and often when you least expect it, your healing will also become easier.

~ Karen

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